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Special Creative 21st Birthday Cakes

Special Creative 21st Birthday Cakes

Special Creative 21st Birthday Cakes

21st birthday party

14-11-2008 21st Black & White


这一款是21岁 艺术特色蛋糕,主要是用3种颜色。如:粉红色,白色和褐色来配合蛋糕外观的包装,再加上白米色的彩带,这特色蛋糕已经摆脱了传统钥匙型设计蛋糕。

SWENS 用创意的技巧创造出一个21岁的特色蛋糕给于你生日当天,拥有非一般的甜蜜和温馨的感觉。。。。。。

This is a 21st birthday cake. It is named “Artistic Special” by the maker SWENS, this cake is made especially to celebrate one’s 21st birthday. The cake has 3 main colors, Pink, White and Dark Chocolate. These 3 colors were chosen because they match and blend well giving the cake a Sweet and Lovely feel to it. Adding to the cakes design is a colored Flora White ribbon wrapped along the sides of the cake for elegance. This cake stands out from the traditional design of “21 year old” cakes which is traditionally made key shaped.

SWENS 21 year old cakes are made with creativity and skill making sure your 21st birthday is enjoyed with a happy, sweet and warm feeling……


SWENS 发挥丰富的想象力,用传统的技巧创造出非凡的佳品。它会让你21岁的生日留下美好的回忆。

This type of cake belongs to the 21 year old “Artistic Inclined cake”. It is made from White Chocolate and Artistic Inclined as the main design.
SWENS displays rich imagination in making extraordinary cakes of splendid quality with traditional expertise. With SWENS cakes, your 21st birthday will leave behind happy memories.

21st birthday

21st birthday

21st birthday